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120ml acrylic paint students painting art

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120ml acrylic paint:
1.Water-based paint
2.Brilliant colors
3.Quick drying

Acrylic Paint:

1.The paint is water-soluble, using acrylic resin as a binder. Meanwhile, it has a good water-proof effect when it becomes dry.

2.The paint is known for the fast-drying, weather-proof, good membrane, flexibility, non-cracked, strong adhesive power. Can be used on any clean surfaces including paper, bamboo, wood, canvas, cotton, leather, cement walls, brick and etc.

3.Excellent water resistence after drying. It is absolutely the ideal materials for the outdoor painting.

4.Strong tinting strength. Good adhesive power and sun-proof power.

5.Access to several painting technique and have almost all the function of other painting pigment. It can create the effect of thick coatings and multiple layers, which can achieve the effect of oil painting. Meanwhile, it can be duilted in water to achieve the effect of water color and poster color.

6.Here you will find pure brilliant and unique color with smooth even flow.

Besides the common colors, there are also metallic color, fluoroscence color, pearl color, interference color and gleaming color and so on. It has 120 colors in the range for your choice offering the widest spectrum of the acrylic ranges.

students painting art

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  • 120ml acrylic paint students painting art
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